FUMCN preschool is a caring, stimulating, and secure place for children to learn and grow. We encourage creative thinking and provide opportunities for problem solving to help expand your child’s mind. At FUMCN preschool, children learn by doing. Using a wide variety of materials, they touch, taste, smell, look, and listen. Our emphasis is on learning through play and social interaction.

Parental participation is integral to this learning process. At FUMCN preschool we aim to enhance the parents’ understanding of their children and to develop better parent-child relationships. Most experts agree that involvement in your child’s education greatly increases the likelihood  of your child developing high self-esteem. An added benefit for parents is the contact with other parents, with whom you can share the joys and concerns of child rearing. The opportunity for forming friendships exists not just for the children, but for the parents as well.

Some distinctive benefits of our preschool include:

  • Classes for 3, 4 and 5 year olds
  • Experienced lead teacher AND assistant teacher in each classroom
  • New as of 2017-2018: Fullest half-day programs of any Co-op Preschool program in the Ann Arbor Area:
    • 6 hours/week for 3’s class
    • 9 hours/week for 4’s class and Mixed Age class
    • assist free class option
  • Better preparation for 35 hours/week full-day Kindergarten than other area programs
  • Lunch at school option to eat in our “No Nut” class environment
  • Full-day option with extended day class
  • Large classrooms where children can choose among activities, a library, and an outdoor playground
  • Sibling Care nursery to use when assisting in the classroom
  • Curbside drop-off and pick-up option
  • Historic church building in downtown Ann Arbor, bordering the University of Michigan and providing numerous walking field trip opportunities
  • Outstanding curriculum, including Handwriting Without Tears and a high level of parental involvement
  • Frequent special days and events, such as Mud Day, Around the World Day, and Wormapalooza
  • Two-year old playgroup
  • Social events for parents

Membership in the First United Methodist Cooperative Nursery School is open to everyone, regardless of race, creed, sex, family composition, or nationality and ethnic origin.

Parent Testimonials

— “I’ve found assisting in the co-op classroom to be beneficial in so many ways. It’s delightful to see my child do things I didn’t know that she could do, watch her make friends, observe what she likes to play with, know the school routines firsthand, meet other parents as we work together, and learn new ways to play with and teach my child. And it’s always wonderful to see how happy she is when I’m staying with her that day.”


— “My children have thrived in the FUMCN classrooms. The teachers show amazing patience and excitement while meeting the individual needs of their students. My children have learned compassion, turn-taking, and even table manners as well as the academic skills I expect them to learn at school. There is an atmosphere of fun and exploration at FUMCN. My kids have learned about science concepts while playing in shaving cream in the texture table. They have learned about good nutrition while cooking foods with friends. As a mom, I especially appreciate the messy glitter painting, bug experiments and mud day celebration that happens AT SCHOOL and not in my house!”


— “FUMCN has amazing teachers that really know how to connect to every kid, from the shy kid who has a hard time putting him/herself forward, to the energetic kid who needs help figuring out boundaries.  They truly understand children and their individual needs, and have the ability to make each child feel loved and accepted.”


— “Assisting is one of the things that drew me to FUMCN.  I like that parents are involved on such an in-depth level.  You get to know the kids in your child’s class, and you get to know what is happening in the classroom.  I think it helps ease into the “school” scene by allowing you to be an active participant in your child’s experience.”


— “I have been so pleased with the life skills my son has learned at FUMCN.  At snack time, the kids eat family style – passing around a dish and then the clear their own dishes. They learn manners and patience and I never would have guessed that 3 year olds could pour water from a pitcher and not spill (most of the time)!  The teachers at FUMCN believe our kids are great people and expect great things from them!!  I love that!  My son is a great person, and I am excited to continue to see him grow at FUMCN.”


— “A co-op is great because not only do I have a chance to have some time to myself while my child is at school, I can also be a part of her preschool experience which is something I didn’t have with my older children and that I cherish.”