We recognize the following team who is working hard to ensure a safe and successful reopening for the 2021/2022 school year:

Teacher (Executive Board) – Susan Sowder
Assistant Teacher – Mary Page
Assistant Teacher – 
Melissa Svastisalee
Assistant Teacher – 
Lisa Hirsch
President (Executive Board) – Shani Hessenthaler
Vice President (Executive Board) – Kat Crisp
Staff Liason (Executive Board) –
Beth Pascoe
Treasurer (Executive Board) –
Kendall Gould and Elissa Spedoske
Membership Team Leader (Executive Board) –
Laura Davia
Community Building Team Leader – 
Lindsey Ford Dean
Curriculum Team Leaders – 
Courtney Kinney and Gabriela Darahem
Facilities Team Leader – 
Russell Grenham
Financial Secretary – Marty Javornisky
Marketing Team Leader – 
Meghan Prindle
Member at Large –
Kathryn Thatch
Secretary – 
Betsy Wintersteller