Our Values

FUMCN Preschool Covenant

As members of FUMCN Preschool, we covenant to do the following:

  1. Be a part of the team: Participate as a responsible part of the team by honoring our mission statement

  2. Value diversity: Celebrate and grow from our social, cultural, religious, economic, physical, emotional, developmental, and educational diversity

  3. Grow: Seek opportunities to discover, explore, and employ our gifts and talents and those of others

  4. Shine: Reflect love, grace, truth, and respect in our interactions

  5. Uplift: Speak well of each other and those we serve

  6. Support: Accentuate each other’s strengths; minimize each other’s weaknesses

  7. Problem solve: Address conflict directly, without triangulation, while aiming for a positive outcome

  8. Forgive: Forgive one another and ourselves when we fall short

  9. Do what’s best for families: Intentionally choose to support each other as fellow parents and teachers to provide the best for our children