Sibling Care

FUMCN offers a formal, on-site child care option for younger siblings while parents are assisting in the preschool.  Our child care is staffed by experienced caregivers.  It meets in the nursery—a welcoming and safe space, designed to meet the specific needs of babies and toddlers.

Cost: The cost may change depending on number of families using program.  For example, the 2018/2019 cost of child care was $20 per assist day for one child plus $5 for each additional child per family. 

Parents cite many advantages:

  • Child care for siblings is easier for the parents because they are not required to coordinate their assist schedule with a babysitter. If a caregiver is sick, the Child Care Coordinator finds a substitute.
  • The window-walled nursery is close to the classrooms, so parents can check-in or help out as necessary.
  • Through child care for siblings, many siblings come to view FUMCN as their school, too. They become familiar with the building, the playground, the teachers and other FUMCN families.  They may even meet and become friends with future FUMCN classmates.


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