Assist Roles & Responsibilities

In our cooperative, parents of children attending our morning classes are assigned to help in our classrooms on a rotating basis (mornings only). This involvement helps to keep our curriculum fresh and our tuition affordable.

Benefits of Assisting
FUMCN is grateful for parent involvement.  Assisting is a great way to:

  • be part of your child’s first formal learning experience
  • see your child interact with peers and other adults
  • generate new ideas about educational activities to do at home
  • keep preschool costs affordable
  • meet other families with 3/4/5 year olds from the Ann Arbor area

Assist Routine
One parent per family (mornings and extended days only) can expect to assist two mornings per month, on average. Parents and teachers will have a short meeting at the start of each day to discuss the day’s play-based activities and answer any questions.

Assist Assignments
Assist schedule assignments are given a few weeks before the semester starts. You will be asked for your availability before the master schedule is generated. You may state when you can and cannot assist, and then the scheduler will do his/her best to accommodate you. Our scheduling software makes it easy to check your assist schedule online or request swaps!

Additional Responsibilities
A member of each family will select preferences for and be assigned to a TEAM. Time commitment and availability, skill sets, experience, and interests are all factors we consider when assigning TEAM responsibilities.

Please contact if you have any concerns or questions about the assist process or parent commitment.